Inspiration and the package format Lego image from Mark Nottingham.

HTTP trend data comes from

The RTT graph comes from presentations done by Mike Belshe.

My kids Agnes and Rex for letting me borrow their Lego figures for the head of line picture.

Thanks to the following friends for reviews and feedback: Kjell Ericson, Bjorn Reese, Linus Swälas and Anthony Bryan. Your help is greatly appreciated and has really improved the document!

During the various iterations, the following friendly people have provided bug reports and improvements to the document: Mikael Olsson, Remi Gacogne, Benjamin Kircher, saivlis, florin-andrei-tp, Brett Anthoine, Nick Parlante, Matthew King, Nicolas Peels, Jon Forrest, sbrickey, Marcin Olak, Gary Rowe, Ben Frain, Mats Linander, Raul Siles, Alex Lee, Richard Moore

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