How to translate this document

Thanks for considering to translate or help out with the translation of this document.


We only use the markdown version these days. The old FODT files that can be found are only kept for historic references.

The images used in the document are all used for all translations so use the same URL reference to get them into your translated version, use no local images unless there's a specific need for translation reasons.

It will change

This document is a living document and will keep getting updated and improved over time. Keep that in mind when working on the translation.


All translated contents live in sub-directories named after the specific language. "en" for English, "fr" for French etc. If you make a new translation, create a new directory and add your language to in the root dir.

Keeping it up to date

Once your translation has been merged into the repo, it may be current and up to date with the English master document at that moment in time. It may be useful to record which commit hash it is synced with, to allow easier lookups in the future if you want to see what has changed in the English version since the last sync and allow you to update those parts only.

Push rights

The main translator will be offered push rights to the repository and he/she can push updates to his/hers translation at any time or merge pull requests and more.

Commit messages

When committing changes, we use the following commit message format

[section] [language] [short desc] (all in the first line)
[multi-line free text if necessary, where you MUST give credits to the person
who helped out with the change if anyone else did than the person authoring
the commit]

The empty line between the first and the third line is deliberate.